Environmental Policy

Gato aims to enable the people of the world to lead a comfortable sustainable life by making the industrial infrastructure more efficient with the innovation of its products and services in the fields of water, air, energy and environment.

As such, we are in a continuous process of minimising our environmental footprint by utilising our own water and energy-efficient solutions, while activating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

In reducing our own footprint, we are committed to:

  • Responsibly measuring, managing and reducing our own water withdrawal
  • Enabling a green supply chain focused on purchasing, logistics and packaging
  • Conservation of resources, beginning with energy and water conservation. We will reduce waste and recycle, and engage in manufacturing with the utmost consideration for reducing environmental impact.
  • We will set environmental targets, regularly review performance against these targets, and work to improve environmental performance. We will additionally continuously implement improvements to the system itself.
  • We will comply with domestic and international legal requirements and internal standards. Further, we will respond sincerely to the demands of stakeholders.